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Wisconsin man who threatened to kill Obama loses appeal

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago on Wednesday rejected Brian Dutcher’s request that his January 2016 jury conviction be set aside because of a lack of evidence. Dutcher, 56, of Tomah, said he had been unable to carry out his threat, having been armed only with a slingshot, and no one took him seriously. Dutcher had written on Facebook that he planned to attend a July 2, 2015 event in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where Obama was giving a speech, and hoped to “get a clear shot at the pretend president.
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U.S. justices reject Gorsuch in win for disabled student

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected legal reasoning used by President Donald Trump’s high court nominee Neil Gorsuch in his role as an appellate judge, ruling in favor of an autistic student who said he was denied an adequate education. The 8-0 ruling, authored by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, was issued at the same time Gorsuch was facing questions during his Senate confirmation hearing about a 2008 case in which he ruled against an autistic child who sought a public education more tailored to his needs. The Supreme Court ruled that public schools must offer disabled students a special educational program sufficiently ambitious to ensure they make progress.
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Is 90 the New 80? Most 90-Somethings Feel Healthy

Few 90-somethings in the study showed signs of depression or cognitive problems, although they took a lot of medications and had difficulty getting around, according to the findings, released today (March 20) in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. “These data provide a snapshot of Americans’ health at age 90, which will help our health care system prepare for the needs of long-lived adults,” said the study’s lead author, Michelle Odden, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Oregon State University. The findings suggest that, despite experiencing chronic diseases and disability, Americans over the age of 90 could adapt to their changing health needs and remain positive about their health, Odden told Live Science.
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Apple’s new red iPhones won’t be (RED) in China; here’s a few possible reasons why

Apple on Tuesday announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus PRODUCT(RED) models. The two special-edition devices are identical to the regular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in terms of hardware, but feature unique red backplates and, what’s more important, a chunk of all proceeds from each device sale goes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.
The two special-edition iPhone 7 models are going on sale in China as well, where registrations for their launch have surpassed the number of available units, but they won’t be carrying the (RED) branding in the region. The phones will otherwise …
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Deal: Grab these incredible Turtle Beach Earforce i60 wireless headphones for $65!

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Earforce i60
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Samsung to cut battery charge functionality in all those Note 7 holdouts that remain

Samsung is done with the Note 7 saga, it seems, as it plans to push out an update that will completely stop recharging for those who still hold on to their dear phablet in Korea, endangering themselves and maybe others in the process. There are still a bunch of folks who find it hard to part with the Note 7, and there are even online groups and threads for owners of active Note 7 units, and Samsung apparently will be targeting those in the final acts of the Vikings Note 7 saga.
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From the Archives: Aviator ‘jumps’ off building

Under the headline “Aviator Jumps Off Building,” the Los Angeles Times reported the next day:
Frank Clark (later Clarke), 22-year-old stunt aviator, yesterday “jumped” off the 10-story Los Angeles Railway Building at 11th Street and Broadway and thereby pioneered the airway for the tired businessmen…
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‘Alien’ haunts outer space thriller ‘Life’

Say hello to Calvin. Or maybe not.
Calvin is the resident alien on space station Plymouth Rock and really, he would as soon suck the life out of you as look at you.
Calvin comes from Mars, if you must know, but in truth his talents for havoc and devastation were wasted on the cold, dead Red Planet…
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Jaime King & Son James Knight Show Off Their Dance Moves! (Video)

Jaime King and her three-year-old son James Knight know how to bust a move!
The Hart of Dixie actress and her adorable toddler decided to throw a dance party while watching Moana.
PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jaime King
It looks like James Knight was totally running the show, telling Jaime how he wanted her to dance!
“Director/Actor/Child – I only work for the best. Working on collaboration… #jamesknight #godownstage ,” Jaime captioned the video on her Instagram .
Check out their cute moves below…
A post shared by Jaime King (@jaime_king) on Mar 21, 2017 at 2:34pm PDT
Pictured inside: Jaime out and about on Thursday (March 23) in Los Angeles.
FYI: Jaime is wearing a Ramy Brook top, Black Orchid jeans and Gucci purse and shoes.
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