Teens rock climbing in Red Rocks Park get stuck, one injured in fall

Four teenagers rock climbing illegally in Red Rocks Park were rescued Wednesday night by firefighters, including one teen who fell and suffered injuries.

The incident happened adjacent to the amphitheater and rescue personnel were called to the park just before 8 p.m., said Div. Chief Gary Armstrong, West Metro Fire Rescue.

One of the climbers who fell and sustained injuries was taken to a local hospital by ambulance, Armstrong said.

Two other climbers, stuck on the rock, were safely taken down. A fourth climber also fell and landed on a ledge. That climber suffered minor injuries.

West Metro personnel were still working late Wednesday night, planning to rappel down to the ledge, harness the still stranded climber and lowering the teen to safety.

Climbing on rock formations is illegal in the park and the teens will likely face citations.

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