Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan to ‘Break a Leg’ on ‘DWTS’ – Twitter Reacts

Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan to 'Break a Leg' on 'DWTS' - Twitter Reacts

Cringe alert!

Olympic ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi had the wrong choice of words when wishing fellow ice skater Nancy Kerrigan well on Dancing with the Stars .

“So excited for you @NancyAKerrigan ! Can’t wait to see you grace that ballroom floor, break a leg! #DWTS,”” Kristi tweeted during the premiere of the hit dancing show.

Back in 1994, Nancy was attacked and clubbed in the knee by fellow competitor Tonya Harding‘s boyfriend so that she wouldn’t be able to compete in the Winter Olympics that year. This news story is currently being turned into a biopic with Margot Robbie playing Tonya.

Twitter has since reacted to Kristi‘s very awkward tweet.

@kristiyamaguchi whyyy, whyyy, whyyy hasn’t this tweet been deleted…are you that naive? #BreakALeg @NancyAKerrigan

— Phil M. (@SactownPhil42) March 22, 2017

@kristiyamaguchi @NancyAKerrigan was that shade or genuine well wishes? 👀

— lare79 (@lare0479) March 23, 2017

Check out more tweets inside…

current mood: Kristi Yamaguchi telling Nancy Kerrigan to “break a leg” on Dancing with the Stars 😂😂😂 #WheresTonyaHarding #DWTS

— Drew Boehmker (@IfUSeekDrew) March 22, 2017

@kristiyamaguchi were you hacked by @thetonyaharding ?@NancyAKerrigan

— (((Phil Landsberg))) (@Phil16723) March 23, 2017

@kristiyamaguchi @NancyAKerrigan

— alexkayash (@alexkayash) March 22, 2017

Not sure if Kristi Yamaguchi is a damn savage, or oblivious…

— Jenny 🥞 (@SteampunkMuppet) March 22, 2017

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