WATCH: Daring Rescue of Cat Stuck on 20th Floor of High Rise

A brave firefighter came to the rescue of a cat dangling dangerously from the 20th floor of a high rise in the Philippines.

“We saw it on Friday. But who knows, it could be there even days before,” Ella Gulfan, the woman that shot a video of the rescue, told ABS CBN News, who reported the story.

The white cat can be seen moving around on a wire air conditioning cover on the outside of the building, which, the report said, did not allow pets.

Thankfully, fire officer Michael Bruan swoops in to save the day and the kitty is now in safe hands.

“We’ve turned the cat over to the management,” said fire inspector Rowena Solano-Ramos. “If no one claims it, some of those who saw and reported the incident said they are willing to adopt the cat.”

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