The Property Brothers Are Asking Fans to Post Unflattering Photos of Their Faces on Instagram — Here’s Why

Attention HGTV lovers: #Brofreeze is the hashtag you didn’t know you needed.

Jonathan Scott , 38, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo with his many fans. But it isn’t a beautifully made over room or a throwback snap of him and twin brother, Drew . It’s an unflattering screen grab of a face most other celebrities would probably like to forget they made on camera.

In the post, the TV contractor explains that not only does he want to have the brothers’ fans gaze upon his less-than-cute visage in their Instagram feeds, he’d also like their combined 1.5 million followers try and find the least appealing faces they’ve ever pulled over the countless hours of HGTV footage they’ve appeared in.

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In the post, Jonathan explains that the photo is kicking off a contest called #BroFreeze . The instructions to enter: “Watch any of our shows, pause, snap & post using the hashtag,” he writes. Five winners selected by the Scotts will receive an autographed copy of their book, Dream Home . So far, fans seem unwilling to shame their favorite stars. The hashtag only has 26 posts.

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It’s not clear why the well-coifed hosts are hoping to propagate unbecoming photos of themselves on the internet. The notorious pranksters might say it’s about not taking themselves to seriously. But it could also be a tactic to temper the, ahem, enthusiasm of their female fans . (We don’t think it’s working.)

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