New York Yankee Is Proud Dad to Cat Directly Descended from Austin Powers’ Mr. Bigglesworth

Could Greg Bird’s cat be up to evil? Purr-haps. After all, it’s in his blood.

The New York Yankees first baseman recently revealed that his beloved Sphynx cat, Mr. Delicious, is a direct descendant of the feline who played Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers films, reports The New York Post .

Bird welcomed the hairless Delicious, nicknamed Lish, into his home last year. Instead of helping his owner take over the world, Lish helped Bird recover from a shoulder injury with cuddles and plenty of personal attention.

Lish’s love has turned the baseball player into a proud cat man, just like Dr. Evil.

Those Mr. Bigglesworth genes are irresistible, or perhaps it’s just Lish’s precious face.

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