Who’s Surprised? News Surfaces That Disturbed Rapper Azealia Banks Once Sliced Up Her Own Sister With A Box Cutter

Azealia Banks Once Sliced Her Own Sister With A Box Cutter

It’s come to the light that among her many arrests and run-ins and general disturbing behavior , Azealia Banks was once taken into police custody for slicing her sister up with a box cutter.

According to NYDN , Azealia slashed her sister in the “neck, the arm and the hand” back in April 2009. The circumstances leading up to the rapper slicing up her sister remain unclear right now…but given her history we seriously doubt it took much to push her to that point.

The incident came to light as prosecutors in the trial over last year’s breast-biting fight outside Up & Down in NYC have begun to strengthen their case against Azealia. Lawyers want to paint the (seemingly accurate) picture that she is confrontational and violent, as evidenced by the multiple physical fights and aggressive incidents she’s gotten into over the past few years.

Azealia plans to take the stand in her own defense…provided she ever shows up to court in the first place .

We seriously believe this one needs some psych help before it’s too late…


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