Exhausted? Why it’s time you stopped giving a s***

From work to our waistlines, we’re on a carousel of worry from the moment we wake up.

‘I’ll have to pull at least three late nights to meet that deadline.’

Ed Sheeran is now the God of music after smashing seven chart records in seven days

‘I’m going to have to cancel on my mates, again.’

‘I’m too knackered to get to the gym but too ‘fat’ to fit into the jeans everyone else is wearing.’

‘I feel obliged to go to those drinks even though I’m skint and tired.’

‘That guy I’m seeing has started playing ghost on text messages.’

Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s constant.

A constant stream of us over-stretching ourselves, over-thinking and over-criticising. And we’re exhausted.

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