13 of Bella Thorne’s Wildest and Most Bizarre Beauty Looks

There are some beauty looks so crazy, so wild, so over-the-top, that even the most adventurous among us are too hesitant to try them out. And though we’d love to see if we could pull off rainbow hair or a full face of glitter IRL, we’re pretty sure we’d just end up looking like a Happy Meal toy. So instead, we bow down to the few celebs willing to do it for us, like Bella Thorne, who is pretty much fearless when it comes to her hair and makeup—or, at least, DGAF about what anyone thinks about her.

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When she’s not busy getting new tattoos and piercings every other month or doling out some #bodypositive advice to her fans, the 19-year-old actress seems to spend her days testing every single Manic Panic shade ever created, experimenting with old-school hair crimpers, and slathering her face and body with lots and lots of glitter. And we really, really dig it. So we rounded up our favorite Bella Thorne beauty looks, below, that almost make us want to switch up our beauty looks. Almost.

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