TERA Making Its Way to Consoles Later This Year

There have long been talks of bringing En Masse Entertainment’s TERA Online to consoles, and now a 2017 release date has officially been confirmed. Diverging itself from other standard point and click MMORPGs at the time, the 2011 launch marked TERA as the very first action MMORPG. While it initially required a subscription to play, the title has long since gone free-to-play, with microtransactions options available.

The control schemes of the game would make consoles a perfect home. While no exact release date has been announced, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users that are interested can sign up for an upcoming closed beta here .

TERA joins a roster of other previously PC-exclusive free-to-play titles like Trove, Warframe, Neverwinter, and Smite.

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