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I took a Tesla Model S on a road trip — and found out the hard way why it’s a very different car (TSLA)

In 2015, I drove one of my kids to camp in a BMW i3, an extended-range electric vehicle that at the time was rumored to be a basis for the Apple Car.
The trip went great, so I decided to make our annual camp sojourn to the scenic Catskills in upstate New York a regular EV-paloooza. And what better car to serve as our futuristic chariot in 2016 than … the Tesla Model S?
And not just any Model S, but a P90D with Ludicrous Mode: the baddest, fastest, coolest Tesla in all the land. (At least until the P100D arrived in early 2017.)
The idea was to see if this four-door luxury “family car” with supercar-beating acceleration — 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, claimed — could handle a journey of decent length (about 240 miles round trip) involving two adults, three kids, and the gear of a pair of campers for two weeks.
Quite a test, eh? And with a few scheduled stops to dine, take in the sights — and recharge the battery.
Our adventure began on a pleasant Sunday in July, just like 2015, and all i..

A day in the life of one of Etsy’s most prolific sellers — a 31-year-old who turned her side hustle into a full-time business

One of the most pervasive career trends today is the art of the side hustle.
Discovering a way to monetize your passions or hobbies, whether it be photography, writing, knitting, consulting, you name it, is a fulfilling way to earn some extra cash. Sometimes though, it becomes lucrative enough to pursue full time.
That was the case for 31-year-old Sara Barrett. After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2007 with a degree in graphic design, Barrett started doing freelance work, creating wedding and baby shower invitations.
In 2009, a client suggested she list some of her artwork on Etsy, an online marketplace for creative sellers and buyers, she told Business Insider. She thought, “‘What have I got to lose?'” and set up shop as SimkaSol.
After Etsy customers began requesting her paper prints on pillowcases and clothing, Barrett taught herself to screen print “by the grace of the internet.”
“I started learning how to pattern draft and how to use all m..

Women’s March protests are unfolding in different countries around the world — see the photos

On Saturday, January 21, protest marches were held worldwide in support of women’s rights and other social issues, a day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.
The marches were inspired by The Women’s March on Washington, where nearly 200,000 people are expected to attend.
However, several other cities came out in strong numbers. Take a look at how the marches unfolded in nearly a dozen countries around the globe.
UNITED STATES: The rally in Washington, DC, which inspired hundreds of “sister marches,” got off to a strong start at Capitol Hill.
GERMANY: People gathered beside Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, holding “Love trumps hate” signs.
INDIA: New Delhi picked up the hashtag #IWillGoOut for its rally.
See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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